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  • Fran Carter

The Importance of Self-Reflection in Business Strategy

Updated: Aug 30, 2019

Advance EdTech Business Strategy Workshops
Advance EdTech Business Strategy Workshops

What's enjoyable about leading business strategy workshops in the EdTech industry is that each one's completely different. Every business we work with is unique. They each have their qualities driving their success and, inevitably, a unique set of challenges inhibiting their growth.

Self-reflective businesses ultimately reach their goals faster and are more likely to reach their full potential. The ability to look honestly under the bonnet at what’s going well and where things could be changed is invaluable. What gets forgotten is that whilst self-reflection pays dividends wherever it’s embraced, it needs to first take place at the very top.

Our most recent workshop was with an already established and successful EdTech business. As an independent voice in their boardroom, we could work closely with senior managers and board members to draw out their aspirations for the business. We were then able to help them candidly review their goals and strategy.

The need for cohesion and alignment ‘across the board’ was clear. Once this had been established, we were able to support them in communicating their vision effectively to the rest of the team and drive the business forward.

Whether you’re a fledgeling start-up or a multi-national corporation, we can support you in building consensus and alignment at a senior level and clarifying your strategy and vision. Get in touch to find out more about our Business Strategy Workshops.

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